The Old Bedford School
On August 10, 1914, the Commissioners' court approved the issuance of the ten $500 bonds, with a total value of $5,000. Milton Moore, who earlier had played a pivotal role in the creation of Bedford College and other public schools in the area, conveyed a four-acre tract of land (formerly owned by the Bedford College) to the county for the site of the new school. The dedication stone, which is still visible near the base at the southeast corner of the old building, reveals C.C. Estill and F.T. Estill to be the contractors of the school. Trustees were H.C. Spencer, W.R. Fitch and H. E. Valentine.

Charles Carmichael Estill and his son Frank Thomas Estill, noted on the dedication stone as contractors for the school, were builders and owners of a lumberyard and building supply company in Grapevine, TX. C.C. Estill (born ca.1852) was a Tennessee native who arrived in Tarrant County as a child and was raised on a farm outside Grapevine. About 1887, he opened a lumber company in Grapevine and, along with his son Frank T. (one of six children), was responsible for the construction of numerous institutional and residential buildings in the northeast Tarrant County area.

Frank Estill was a farmer and County commissioner, who also worked frequently with his father on construction projects. The Old Bedford School was not the only educational facility erected by the Estills; others include the 2-story schoolhouse built in 1912 in Pleasant Run; and the ca. 1919, 1-story, brick, Carroll School on Carroll Avenue in Southlake. The Estills possibly were responsible for the construction of the Euless School, which also bears a strong resemblance to the Old Bedford School.